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Rights of the Child

Welcome to St Mary’s Roman Catholic Primary School.

Our school is located in Brynmawr. The building has eight classrooms, school office and school hall which is used for Christmas productions by both the juniors and infants. At present there are 250 children, 11 teachers including the headteacher, support staff, a number of volunteer helpers, dinner ladies, kitchen staff, cleaning staff, and a school secretary.

Our school uniform is a blue jumper, a white polo shirt and the boys wear grey or black school trousers and the girls wear black school trousers or a skirt. Our school badge shows the dove of peace to remind us that we supported through everything we do by the power of the Holy Spirit.

We have a Tocyn Iaith or Language Ticket award to encourage the children to speak more Welsh. We have lots of awards in our school which are given out every Friday in fun assemblies.

We have an assembly everyday as we like to join together in our phases to talk about what makes us special in our school. We also attend mass every fortnight which we invite parents to come to.

We have introduced Digital Leaders to help support staff and pupils with the use of ICT. These pupils, as part of the school ICT Team, help to ensure the school keeps up to date with the modern technologies. They absolutely love using the chromebooks and iPads and are working alongside other Pupil Voice groups to record our school Podcast “Sgwrs St Mary’s”.

We also have an elected School Council and an Eco Warrior committee which helps all do our best to help reduce reuse and recycle waste materials.

Sport and music play important parts in the life of the school. We have clubs for football (girls and boys) rugby and athletics.

Take a look at our School Prospectus to find out more information about our school:

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