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  View File Academically More Able Gifted and Talented Children policy updated
  View File Admissions Policy III 2014 2015 updated
  View File Attendance Policy 2016
  View File Collective Worship Policy
  View File Community Cohesion1
  View File Cyber bullying policy 2015
  View File Disability Equality Scheme and Disability Accessibility Plan for Pupils1
  View File Health and Safety at Work Policy
  View File Maths Policy July 2015 Final Copy
  View File Photos and video use
  View File Remove Policy Anti Bullying and Anti Harassment at the Workplace1
  View File Policy Anti Bullying1
  View File Policy Complaints Full
  View File Policy social networking
  View File Positive Handling Restraint of Pupils 2
  View File Professional Learning Plan 2018 19
  View File Pupil Exclusion Policy
  View File Re policy
  View File Relationship and Behaviour policy December 2020
  View File Risk Assessment Policy
  View File Safeguarding Policy February 2019
  View File Safer Recruitment Policy
  View File School Council Policy
  View File Sex and relationship education policy
  View File Social networking
  View File Special Educational Needs and Disabilities policy updated
  View File Strategic equality plan 2018 to 2020
  View File Remove Welsh Policy 2016